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Tess' Tracking Page

"Tess is the cutest and most motivated Sheltie I have ever seen tracking."
--Jill Jones, Tracking Judge

UUD Canami's Working Girl TD, CD, NAC, NJC, NGC, TN-N

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Luckiamute's TD Test
Rickreall, Oregon

Tess earned an AKC Tracking Dog (TD) title at Luckiamute's Tracking Test held in Rickreall, Oregon on November 5th, 2000 under judge's Carol Pernicka and Ralph Swingle!

Check out the beautiful tracking fields they used and the near perfect tracking weather that day--@ 45 degrees, overcast with a pretty good breeze.

Lucky #5!
I had a premonition a while ago that we would pull and pass track #5. At Luckiamute we were catalog entry #5, I drew the 5th track, 5 out of 10 dogs passed and the test was run on November 5th! #5 is our new lucky number!

To: Multiple recipients of list
From: Raelene Gorlinsky
Subject: Test results - Luckiamute DTC, Oregon

Haven't seen these posted yet. Maybe the judges (Carol Pernicka and Ralph Swingle) will add some comments.

Luckiamute Dog Training Club, Nov. 5, Rickreall, Oregon 10 TD tracks, 5 passes. Cool and windy; the drizzle held off until after the testing.

Littlefield's Finnegan - Pembroke Welsh Corgi - owner Jill Jones (Finn is 11 years old and spent his first 9 years, before coming to live with Jill, as a couch potato, as she phrases it. His joy at having the "job" of tracking inspires us all.)

Vangard Renaissance - Pembroke Welsh Corgi - owner Jill Jones

Canami's Working Girl - Shetland Sheepdog - owner Pat Kalbaugh (This little girl looked like she was having the time of her life, so bouncy and full of play. They came down from Juneau, AK, so it's great that their trip was successful.)

Sweetbay's Rigel CD - Newfoundland - owners Barbara Adams & James Pushnik

Sweetbay's Keaton - Newfoundland - breeder/owners Judi & Ellis Adler

Several of us who did not pass this weekend will be trying again at Portland DOC next weekend.

Raelene Gorlinsky

[Note: Raelene and her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Phoenix--who is now formally and officially Woodbine Puffy Phoenix TD, passed at Portland Dog Obedience Club's TD test on November 11th! Yea, Raelene and Phoenix! This was their first title of any kind--Way to go!]

A Few More Pics!

Luckiamute's TD Test Fields-Beautiful!
Our glove signed by the Judges, Carol Pernicka and Ralph Swingle and Tracklayer, Mary Kennedy
Ralph Swingle's Official Map for Track #5--460 yds, 4 turns, 7 minutes from flag to glove!
Carol Pernicka's Official Map for Track #5

Tracking with Jude & Tato

Jude, Tato and Tess waiting for the tracks to age.
Tato & Jude
Getting Ready to Track!
Tato & Jude
On Track!
Jude laying Tess' track
Tess & Patti
On Track!

7-18-98 Tracking Pics

The Start
Another start

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